Read_670 – Capital Misallocation, Bitcoin Fixes this – Part 2 [Steven Lubka]

“The creation of new money by insiders debases the savings ability of the existing money. It is critically important for money to maintain value, as it reflects work which was performed but not redeemed for goods and services. Is the value of your forty hour work week last month suddenly not worth as much because some feckless bureaucrat decided to fire up the money printer? Not in a system that has any integrity. It is important for work to be redeemable at the value that was assigned to it when it was performed.” – Steven Lubka

Concluding today the second half of the amazing “Capital Misallocation: Bitcoin Fixes This” by Steven Lubka from Swan Bitcoin. If you want to understand the role of money and how it enables the economic machine to produce spontaneous order, then you don’t want to miss this read & Guy’s Take…

Mentioned in the commentary, a phenomenal read for understanding the infinite complexity of the market is “I, Pencil” by Leonard Reed:

Check out the original at the link below, as well as the last piece Steven wrote we covered on this show:
Read_643 – Bitcoin & The True Meaning of Inflation:

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