Read_664 – Bitcoin Astronomy, The Third Law – Part 2 [Dhruv Bansal]

“But if technological civilizations are more common, then we must resolve the Fermi Paradox in a different way. We know that any “solution” is really an a reflection in the mirror of universality, an interpretation of humanity’s future based on what one believes about the present. With this understanding, and with many speculations about the Laws of Bitcoin Astronomy and alien blockchains behind us, we propose a new solution to the Fermi Paradox (a member of the “they’re waiting for our signal” family): we haven’t detected alien civilizations because we only just built bitcoin.” – Dhruv Bansal

Today we conclude the fascinating Bitcoin Astronomy Series with the second half of Part 3, The Third Law of Bitcoin Astronomy. Below is the LINK TO THE FIRST HALF IF YOU MISSED IT! You will likely have no idea what is going on otherwise. Also links to Parts I and II of the series are below as we extend the concepts of the Hash Horizon and the scale of blockchains needed to bridge a civilization that spans a solar system and beyond. With that, let’s dive back into The Third Law…


Links to the original article at the Unchained Capital blog as well as the first 2 parts below:
Part I:
Part II:
Part III:

A few other great works mentioned in the Guy’s Take:
Quittem’s Bitcoin is a Pioneer Species:
Bitcoin is Element Zero by Ioni Appelberg:

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