Read_662 – Wrestling With the Truth [Allen Farrington & Sacha Meyers]

“The power of prices is the process of dynamic discovery that underpins their emergence, not the fleeting consensus of a specific moment in time. The price is never right, but prices are as right as can be hoped for at that moment. Attempts to coerce prices without the ability to change the reality they communicate are, therefore, bound to run into trouble. And yet we do not seem capable of accepting the truth of prices whenever it is inconvenient. To ensure that consensus can arrive at valid social truths, we require systems or institutions that withstand attempts at coercion and which tap into decentralized discovery.
Martial arts are a fitting case study, and an encouraging allegory for all that follows. A few decades ago, they were under the grip of bullshitting coercion. Today, they are thriving under a marketplace of ideas.” – Allen & Sacha

In another piece from Bitcoin Magazine and returning authors Allen Farrington & Sacha Meyers we get an exploration of the mixed martial arts and how in recent decades it has been thrust into a world of discovery and competition. No longer constrained by the strict rules of authority and claims of superiority, but open to a marketplace of ideas where the truth is verified, not trusted. One of the amazing pieces from the book by the same authors, a must have for every Bitcoiner, Bitcoin is Venice.

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