Read_658 – Bitcoin Will Replace SWIFT Before VISA [Shinobi]

“Bitcoin is ripe for a massive disruption of systems like SWIFT, and at the rate the world is becoming both politically and economically unstable, I think that time is going to come sooner rather than later.” – Shinobi

In the vision of consumers using Bitcoin to buy everyday goods and services, have we lost sight of the most valuable use of Bitcoin as a broad, global settlement system? Have we been distracted from the most valuable and even crucial utility of the Bitcoin system in a politically & economically unstable world, as a radically neutral global means of settlement between major business and financial entities? Find out in another great piece by Shinobi, on why SWIFT is actually the entity that should be most afraid, not VISA. 
Check out the original article for more by Shinobi and tons of great news and analysis at Bitcoin Magazine:

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