Read_657 – Price Deflation & The Horrors of Falling TV Prices [Kyle Ward]

“Given two competing views of the world, the state will always promote the one that increases its power to extract wealth from its citizens. The choice between inflation and deflation is an easy one. Deflation empowers the citizen by allowing her modest savings to purchase more goods over time. Calling for inflation empowers the state by allowing it to print more money and by reducing the size of its enormous debts in real terms. It should be no surprise that state-funded academic institutions preach the virtues of inflation” – Kyle Ward

The propaganda around deflation must be a special beast in order to drive normal people to argue that things getting cheaper is bad for them. What could drive such an absurd idea so aggressively and is it a big conspiracy, or a simple set of fundamental incentives gone awry. Today we read an excellent short piece from the insane resource at by author Kyle Ward, on deflation and the horrifying experience of the ever falling price of TVs.

Check out the original at the link below, plus tons of other gold on the economic realities of our time:

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