Read_655 – The Legendary Treasure of Satoshi Nakamoto [Tomer Strolight]

“Everyone loves a good origin story. Some are true, some made-up, and some a mix of the two.
The true origin story of Bitcoin’s appearance in the world is one of the most fascinating mysteries ever told. Yet these events all took place in the 21st century, a time when everything is recorded, and can be recalled, investigated — and verified.” – Tomer Strolight

Bitcoin isn’t merely a tool, but something so unique and fundamental, that it challenges widely held beliefs of the world & inspires questions that have even sparked deep personal journeys. But how could a simple computer network have such an impact on the individual? How could someone think of Bitcoin, as inspiring a spiritual awakening? Tomer bring us an exploration of how Bitcoin changes who we are and forces us to look inward for new answers to questions that so many thought answered.

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