Read_648 – Bitcoin is the Hills [Captain Sidd]

“A study of the hill tribes of Southeast Asia titled “The Art Of Not Being Governed” provided a fresh take. The author, James C. Scott, posits that the hill tribes were not “left behind” by the valley states but instead composed of refugees from the negative consequences of state-making down in the valleys: bondage, tribute, slavery, war epidemics and more. The rough terrain in the hills served as a natural impediment to absorption by the state.” – Captain Sidd

Today’s article brings a unique perspective on history that sheds light on what is happening today. By showing how physical terrain kept the power of the state in check for thousands of years, Captain Sidd expands on the analogy to propose a technology today, that creates that same resistance to state power, in the digital space. Don’t miss today’s episode to bring a light to our shifting world.
Link to the original article below:
And don’t forget to check out James C Scott’s book, “The Art of Not Being Governed.”

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