Read_646 – A Look at the Lightning Network – Part 3 [Lyn Alden]

“Back when the iPhone was introduced in 2007, few people thought, “wow this could really disrupt the taxi industry a decade from now.” A few technologies had converged by that the point to where everyday people could have a pocket supercomputer with a big touchscreen and a high-bandwidth mobile internet connection, and this served as a set of building blocks that could exponentially eat into many other industries, including allowing Uber to come along and change how we move across cities. All manner of individual hardware electronic devices became mostly-obsolete as they became applications on a smart phone.
I view the Bitcoin/Lightning stack as being similar. The network is still tiny and has a lot of development work still to do, and nothing is for certain. But to me it looks like a powerful monetary network with a ton of upside potential over the next decade.” – Lyn Alden

We are diving into the third and final part of “A Look at the Lightning Network” by Lyn Alden. This will round out a lot of what the future of lightning may hold, how it is being developed and its process of growth, and answering some of the both valid and the deeply misguided criticisms of the network. Most of which that come from the crypto space, where so many projects’ very reason for existence depends on Lightning Network not working. We get into all of it, in Part 3. If you haven’t yet go back and listen to Part 1 and 2, or you are going to be lost, I warned you. Otherwise, enjoy!

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