Read_643 – Bitcoin and the True Meaning of Inflation [Steven Lubka]

“Today, people use inflation to refer to two separate things, and whenever you hear someone saying inflation it’s not always clear which definition they are referring to. One definition is “the prices of consumer goods increasing” and the other is “dilution of the money supply”. So which is it?” – Steven Lubka

Steven brings an excellent piece today from the Swan Bitcoin Blog about the nature of Bitcoin as an inflation hedge. Does that mean Bitcoin will stay perfectly in line with the general price level of all consumer goods? Or does it means it will adjust to the monetary supply and interest rate, and if so, what does either mean for Bitcoin going forward? If you ever heard the criticism that Bitcoin has failed as an inflation hedge, this is a read you don’t want to miss.

Link to the original article plus tons of other great stuff at the SwanBitcoin blog and newsletter:

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