Read_635 – 21 Million is Non-Negotiable [Zach_of_Earth]

“Imposing limitations on monetary goods has always required tremendous amounts of time and energy, and trust. And yet, with all our efforts, we still have been unable to fix the supply of any of the modern monetary assets of the world. Someone, somewhere, has always found a way to increase the supply. Whether because of some emergency reason to protect the greater good, or out of sheer greed, or out of complete ignorance, humans have succeeded 100% of the time in debasing the monetary premiums of all goods in all of recorded human history.
And then, there was Bitcoin.” – Zach_of_Earth

Today’s read by Zack_of_Earth speaks for itself. The fixed supply is the core innovation of Bitcoin, 21 Million Is Non-Negotiable. Just press play.

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