Read_634 – The Words we Use in Bitcoin [DerGigi]

“In a world awash in euphemisms and blatant lies, calling something by its proper name is rebellious in itself. Bitcoin is about freedom and self-sovereignty, not about asking for permission. It is about independence and verifiable truth; extreme ownership and responsibility; hope and human rights.
The best way to fight bad ideas and bad terminology is with good ideas and good terminology. Thus, we should all make an effort to call things by their proper names, try to understand their inner workings, and explain them in simple terms to others.” – DerGigi

The words we use in Bitcoin matter. The names we give things form our relationship with them, and how we frame them in our minds. We must not let others modify our language against the interests of sovereignty and freedom. And we must strive to be accurate in our own words and descriptions so we do not ourselves, spread misunderstanding. A must listen/read.

Link to the original and tons of other great works by Gigi, plus many translations of the piece in other languages:

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