Read_621 – I Finance the Current Thing [Allen Farrington]

“Even if you knew this was complete and utter bullshit, and that being an agent and not a principal ethically and legally precludes you from pretending your politics is your job, can you imagine, dearest of readers, your absolute priority at all times being to appear minimally different to all your competitors and hence to mimic whatever stupid bullshit they are spouting, regardless of whether even a single such spouter is making one iota of sense?
You’ve just imagined ESG.” – Allen Farrington

Do you invest in The Current Thing? Do you put the sign in your store front, to make certain you are showing your support for The Current Thing? Breaking down, oh so eloquently, what this means and why we all seem to participate in this weird machine. Why we have ESG policies for massive asset management firms when the very idea of investing has essentially disappeared from the investment world. When money is political, everything is political. But the reckoning is on the way.
Link to the original, with many other works and reads to explore:

Get your copy of the amazing book from Sacha Meyers and Allen Farrington (hopefully soon audible as well) at the link below:

Lastly check out Havel’s epic piece on the nature of communism and the tools of ideology in maintaining pwoer, in “The Power of the Powerless.”

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