Read_617 – Announcing Taro, Multi-Asset Bitcoin & Lightning [Ryan Gentry]

“Taro enables bitcoin to serve as a protocol of value by allowing app developers to integrate assets alongside BTC in apps both on-chain and over Lightning. This expands the reach of Lightning Network as a whole, bringing more users to the network who will drive more volume and liquidity in bitcoin, and allowing people to easily transfer fiat for bitcoin in their apps. More network volume means more routing fees for node operators, who will see the benefits of a multi-asset Lightning Network without needing to support any additional assets.” – Ryan Gentry
A huge kudos to Lightning Labs and what they are building over there. This is an incredible development that will shake the system as this tech gets implemented. Follow Lightning labs and Ryan Gentry, the author of today’s piece, on Twitter to stay up on what they are building.
Link to the original article and announcement:

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