Read_612 – Energy Cancelled [Arthur Hayes]

“On a medium-term basis, it is time to back up the John Deere excavator and scoop up as much gold and Bitcoin as you can afford. This is it, the start of a monetary regime change. Nothing lasts forever, and the days of Petro / Eurodollar supremacy are over. The phase shift will be chaotic, it will be volatile, it will morph, but it will 100% be MASSIVELY inflationary in fiat currency terms.
There is no government, ever, that resisted the temptation to print money in order to pay its bills and placate its citizens. The government will never voluntarily go bankrupt. This is axiomatic. I challenge you to contradict me with evidence.” – Arthur Hayes

You are simply going to want to hear Hayes justification for this stance. We may very well be in the middle of one of the largest shifts in the global monetary structure in history. And remaining ignorant will no longer be a viable option. The US just cancelled the world’s largest energy producer from the global financial network. What does that mean?

Check out the original article and drop some applause at the link below. Plus, tons of other great linked content within the article and writing by Hayes that is always incredibly valuable on top of entertaining:

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