Read_611 – The Freedom of Value [Dergig]

“Thus, given enough time and popularity, every movie, every song, and every document will be available to the general public for free. The nature of information does not allow for another outcome. Hence the saying: information wants to be free.
Although trying to create something that can’t exist—information that can’t be copied—is paradoxical in itself, this isn’t what I mean by the DRM paradox. What I mean is something more hilarious. It is again psychological, not technical in nature. The paradox is this: content will only stay behind a paywall if it is shitty. If it’s good, someone will set it free.” – Dergigi

Today we are exploring an article from Dergigi on how the incentives of the internet attention market has turned platforms into dopamine machines, and why it is causing us harm by us failing to understand what is inherently wrong with monetization on the internet, and why Bitcoin may just be able to fix it.

LINK to the original article with Gigi’s hat available for any value given back.

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