Read_608 – Want to Stick it to the Elites? Use Bitcoin [Avik Roy]

“Aspiring Republican politicians and conservative opinionators love talking in darkened tones about the malevolence of elites. And yet, for all the fingers wagged and pixels rendered, conservatives have largely ignored the most economically significant way in which elites actually _have_ rigged the game in their favor. The widening gap between elites and the rest of us comes down in large part to the highly abnormal way in which the United States has defined money for the last 50 years.” – Avik Roy

Avik breaks down in this article from The American Mind, the poisonous nature of our monetary system, where it all started, how it unfairly benefits the already wealthy at our expense, & how Bitcoin truly fixes this. Plus a lengthy Guy’s take that gets heated because economics is just too exciting not to get amped up about it.

Check out the link below for more work by Avik Roy and The American Mind:

Want to Stick It to Coastal Elites? Use Bitcoin

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