Read_607 – Implications of Outlawing Bitcoin [Dergigi]

“If having 12 words in your head is illegal, something is terribly wrong with the law. If the police storm your building because you are finding or creating a random number in the privacy of your own home, something is terribly wrong with the police. If the peaceful exchange of messages is seen as dangerous or immoral by society, something is terribly wrong with society. If speaking or knowing numbers becomes a criminal act, I don’t want to be a law-abiding citizen in the first place.” – Dergigi

What exactly does it mean to outlaw Bitcoin? To ban proof of work mining? And what does it say about our society that such a discussion is even on the table? Is it a problem with how the people may use these tools, or what it enables of criminals or the less savory of society?… Or is it more indicative of a cancer in society itself?

DerGigi always killing it with another great article:

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