Read_602 – Bitcoin’s Peaceful Revolution, A New Hope for Humanity [Peter St Onge]

“By taking away their printing presses, Bitcoin stops the creeping totalitarianism that weaponizes our own blood, sweat and tears against us. It stops governments’ escalating ability to control all person-to-person exchange, their efforts to build a financial panopticon of Big Brother control. And, finally, by getting governments out of the business of manipulating money, Bitcoin brings us a world without permanent crisis, without the boom- bust business cycles, without the inflation that ravages the people who those governments pretend to serve and love.” – Peter St. Onge

Diving back into the incredible publication of The Bitcoin Times Ed 4. Bitcoin isn’t just a technology, its a revolution. What specific incentives will fuel this revolution, what futures are possible, how destructive will the transition be, & how long will it take for us to “wake up” with this tool in our hands? It will shape the course of history, but it requires us to support it, to build for it, and to cultivate the future we want. Another incredible piece!

Check out the rest of The Bitcoin Times and get a head start at the link below:

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