Read_601 – Bitcoin First [Fidelity]

“Bitcoin as a superior monetary good is more valuable than a better payment network . This leads us to another point as to why we believe bitcoin should be considered primarily as a monetary good rather than a payment network. The fact the market has shown a preference towards bitcoin, which is slower as a payment system compared to other digital assets and blockchains, signals the market currently values a highly secure and decentralized store of value rather than another payment network. As we previously noted, Bitcoin’s revolutionary invention was solving the problem of digital scarcity and creating a digital store of value, not making an incremental improvement to a payment system.” – Fidelity Assets Report
You don’t want to miss this incredible report on how to think about the innovation and investment thesis of Bitcoin. Why it should be separated from the rest of the digital asset ecosystem, and why for the market need it fulfills, there is little to no competition among the “crypto” industry.

Check out the full report and other incredible work from Fidelity at the following link:

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