Read_600 – The Separation of Money and State [Allen Farrington]

“That is not to say that Bitcoin will lead us to a pacifist utopia in which any attempt at violence suffers metaphysical intervention by the spirit of Satoshi. That money can grant power is clear enough as there will always be a clearing price for violent thuggery. But what will distinguish a Bitcoin standard is that power will not grant money.” – Allen Farrington

Today we dig into another great piece from The Bitcoin Times Ed 4. What are the characteristics of Bitcoin, that truly make the separation of Money and State a true possibility for our future? How does Bitcoin change the fundamental relationship between money and power? Don’t miss this one!

Check out the rest of The Bitcoin Times and get a head start at the link below:
Another great article from Allen, The Capital Strip Mine

The Capital Strip Mine

And some required reading for everyone in Bitcoin, Shelling Out: The Origins of Money

Reboot – Shelling Out: The Origins of Money [Nick Szabo]

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