Read_599 – Why Every Fixed Income Investor Should Consider Bitcoin – Part 3 & 4 [Greg Foss]

“And finally, given its asymmetric return distribution I believe It is more risky to have zero exposure to bitcoin than it is to have a 5% portfolio weight. If you are not long bitcoin, you are irresponsibly short. Don’t overthink this. Lower your time preference. Bitcoin is the purest form of monetary energy and is portfolio insurance for all fixed-income investors.” – Greg Foss

Concluding today with some insane bullishness on price evaluations & a model for Bitcoin attempting to account for its value as a hedge against the Fiat Ponzi. Detailing out their concept of the Fulcrum Index, and why Bitcoin as a CDS against sovereign credit risk may alone be a multi-trillion dollar value proposition. Hear the rest of Greg Foss’s incredible report in today’s episode.

Check out the full report at the link below:

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