Read_598 – Why Every Fixed Income Investor Should Consider Bitcoin – Part 1 & 2 [Greg Foss]

“General Motors, Ford, AT&T and GE have cumulative debt that is larger than the entire HY market. Downgrades of any one of these names likely imply a downgrade of the others. The forced selling would rock the HY market, which would start a domino effect and a negative feedback loop that would reach to all credit and equity markets globally. Pretty scary stuff. Follow inefficient investment guidelines, win stupid prizes.” – Greg Foss

Today we hit Parts 1 & 2 of Greg Foss’s incredible 4 part report on the case for Bitcoin from the fixed income investment perspective. Laying out his history in the markets, how he has seen and evaluated the risks and market contagions of years past, & digging into the nerdy framework to understanding the credit markets, and most importantly, how to price risk. This is a must listen, and Parts 3 & 4 dropping tomorrow are going to make you more bullish than you know.

Get ready.

Check out the full report at the link below:

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