Read_587 – Bitcoin & The American West [Croesus]

“These pioneers are akin to the Bitcoiners who showed up post-Mt. Gox, through to the Class of 2020. These are the individuals who saw the promise and opportunity of Bitcoin and seized it, despite the dangers that mainstream society warned us of. In the same way that the Oregon Trail was fraught with perils, so too is the journey from precoiner to Bitcoin maximalism. A greenhorn in digital assets has to navigate the treacherous landscape of cryptocurrency information available online, fending off scammers like Indian braves seeking scalps, and finding the right passage through the Rocky Mountains of shitcoinery. Breaking an axle is akin to losing funds in an exchange hack, dysentery like mismanaging keys, tempting shortcuts through the mountains like leverage trading on BitMex. The journey to the promised land of financial security and a brighter future is full of dangers, but the promise of a better life beckons the adventurous and bold.” – Croesus

How the frontier and America’s manifest destiny can illuminate where we are in the process of reaching a Bitcoin standard, and the incredible work and possibilities yet to come. A wonderful piece from returning author Croesus, and on the always fascinating Citadel21 publication. One not to be missed.

Link to the original article and tons of great accompanying material and imagery:

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