Read_586 – Bitcoin & Tesla’s Peaceful Energy Vision [Level39]

“If Bitcoin had existed in Tesla’s time, it would have removed the need for a corrupted monetary arrangement. Bitcoin mining is a permissionless and censor-resistant reward mechanism that incentivizes the cheapest and most reliable sources of energy. Tesla could have, hypothetically, self-funded his experimentation with mining rewards. The more successful and efficient his prototypes were, the more successful his mining would become, and the more funding he would secure to scale up his operation.” – Level39

It’s easy to focus entirely on the incredible impact and incentives that Bitcoin instills as a monetary good onto the world. Its massive effect on the economics of world markets, and how it will bring down capital barriers all around the world. But then forget, that it could be equally powerful, in the realm of energy production, and thermodynamic innovation. Bitcoin wont just change money, it will change our relationship to energy itself. And Nikola Tesla may just have some insight over 100 years old, that could shed light on what this could mean. Don’t miss this excellent article.

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