Read_578 – The Irrelevance of Experts [Willem Van Den Bergh]

“as the internet has slowly but surely eroded the obstacle of restricted information access in the past decades, the limiting factor for an individual to make intellectual progress merely shifted from an accessibility problem to a filtering problem (filtering the information that is relevant from the information that is not).” – Willem Van Den Bergh

Another excellent piece from Willem on the core issue of information flow in the modern age. What is the difference between systemic versus regional experts, and what framework can we use to better assess and filter the ocean of information flooding at us everyday? Are we destined to be the victims of supposed “authorities” with no skin in the game? Or is there a path to sustainable, robust knowledge in our digital future? don’t miss this one!

Check out the original with tons of great links for further reading into these concepts below! Plus drop some massive applause on this article on Medium:

Don’t forget Willem’s previous, amazing piece on Schelling points and the natural path toward convergence on Bitcoin:

On Schelling Points, Network Effects, & Lind

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