Read_577 – The End of Super Imperialism [Alex Gladstein]

“Hudson’s thesis was that America had forced other countries to pay for its wars regardless of whether they wanted to or not. Like a tribute system, but enforced without military occupation. “This was,” he writes, “something never before accomplished by any nation in history.” – Alex Gladstein

Another banger from Gladstein this week that follows Michael Hudson’s work, Super Imperialism from the 1970s, critiquing and laying out the framework of power resulting from a global reserve system backed by American debt. Was he just a cynic, or was there a thread of truth in his warnings of the dangers of the global dollar system and the resulting dynamics of international power. Don’t miss another great piece from Gladstein!

Check out the original with many links for further exploring the pieces discussed. Plus the many other great works by Gladstein and Bitcoin Magazine:

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