Read_574 – Lightning & The Internet – Choosing the Right Path [Roy Sheinfeld]

“We’re revolutionaries. There’s no reason to be coy about it. Our goal is to replace fiat with bitcoin. “Disruption” is almost a quaint term for a change of the magnitude we’re bringing about. We’re taking power from institutions and transferring it to individuals by giving them control of the value they generate in their lives.” – Roy Sheinfeld

We are at a crossroads and Lightning has an extremely difficult and important task. Do we go with the Lightning expansionists, using this decentralized network to embed every single byte of data into our messages and routing them across our nodes to take all that is the internet and redesign it to work on Lightning? Or do we keep lighting simple, focused, and optimized for the best, most robust decentralized payments network in the world? Choosing the right path, by Roy Sheinfeld. 
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