Read_572 – Bitcoin & the US Fiscal Reckoning [Avik Roy]

“It is understandably difficult for most of us to imagine a monetary world aside from the one in which we’ve lived for generations. After all, the U.S. dollar has served as the world’s leading reserve currency since 1919, when Britain was forced off the gold standard. There are only a handful of people living who might recall what the world was like before then.
Nevertheless, change is coming.” – Avik Roy

The fiscal promiscuity of the United States is reaching its end. The bill for the 50 year party and bull market in US treasury bonds is coming to an end. But everything might not be as bleak as it seems, with Bitcoin incentivizing a return to sound money, and providing a global, neutral place to secure wealth, our current disaster could be an amazing opportunity. Don’t miss an incredible piece from Avik Roy, on “Bitcoin and the US Fiscal Reckoning.”

Check out the original on National Affairs at the link below:

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