Read_569 – Calculating the Intrinsic Value of Bitcoin [Greg Foss]

“Wake up people, this is not a drill. Contagion risks are increasing due to potential global stagflation… The intrinsic value of BTC has increased from the beginning of this year when I originally calculated the value to be over $150,000 per coin.” – Greg Foss

If we removed the global payments network, we removed the hardest monetary unit in the world, we took out the programmability, and wanted to focus entirely on a key value proposition of Bitcoin – that it is a money external to the fiat structure, and therefore one of the only things that could act as insurance to its default, say a “credit default swap” on the fiat system… how could we calculate it’s worth? Greg Foss brings us an excellent piece on Bitcoin Magazine, don’t miss it.

Link to the original here, as well as his far more through paper on Fixed Income investors and Bitcoin:

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