Read_567 – Revenge of the Nodes – Part 2 – 21st Century Autonomy [Aaron Segal]

“Not only is the world experiencing greater dispersion of outcomes, it is also changing at an increasingly faster pace. Raw data is pouring torrentially down upon us, overwhelming our neural capacity more each day. We are confused, overwhelmed and looking for anchors, answers, and authority.” – Aaron Segal

Continuing with Part 2 of yesterday’s amazing Bitcoin Magazine piece on the major trends of today, the inevitably of the race to zero volatility, the incentives that will lead to infinite fragility, and why the only correction must come from outside the system. The only external force to an ever centralizing system, is one of complete decentralization. This is part 2 of a 2 part read, don’t forget to listen to Part 1 before diving in.

Check out the original at the link below, with tons of excellent data and graphics accompanying it that help give the magnitude of the situation we find ourselves in:

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