Read_566 – Revenge of the Nodes – Part 1 – 20th Century Authoritarianism… [Aaron Segal]

“The individual investor is professionalizing at the end of one of the biggest, most Homeric blow-out parties of all time. Forgive the cliched baseball metaphor, but this is like a player being called up from the minor leagues right before the off-season, after a seven-game dramatic World Series finale.” – Aaron Segal

An incredible piece today from Bitcoin Magazine on the major trends of today, the growing and centralization of all markets, and the fall of freed markets to the 20th century institutions of authority. This is part 1 of 2 in a brilliant perspective on the state of the world and economy, and where Bitcoin fits into it all.

Check out the original at the link below, with tons of excellent data and graphics accompanying it that help give the magnitude of the situation we find ourselves in:

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