Read_559 – The Dollar Burden & Why the US Will Adopt Bitcoin [Ansel Lindner]

“we often hear the U.S. dollar called an “exorbitant privilege.” Namely, that the U.S. benefits disproportionately from the dollar’s reserve currency status. This article will detail why the current financial system has, in fact, been a burden on the United States, why the fiat dollar system is ending and what that means for the future of Bitcoin.” – Ansel Lindner

What if the dollar fiat reserve system isn’t actually a great privilege, but is actually a burden that wears on the US success and growth? What if the best path forward to renew US growth and its importance in the global economy, was to adopt a Bitcoin standard? Don’t miss another great Bitcoin Magazine read, this one from Ansel Lindner.

Check out the original article below, plus tons of other great works at Bitcoin Magazine:

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