Read_556 – Bitcoin Has Already Won [Akarsh Nalawade]

“There has never been a more secure, scarce, valuable, transportable, decentralized and networked asset in all of humanity’s history. It’s more mobile than gold. It appreciates faster than property. It’s supply is fixed unlike stocks and bonds. It’s payment network is faster and cheaper than Visa’s” – Akarsh Nalawade

With Lightning exploding on the scene and becoming the default means of interaction with the Bitcoin system, legal tender going live in El Salvador, the massive hash rate migration, and so much more, Bitcoin is becoming the impossible to ignore. Lindy in full display, Bitcoin may be doing more than simply winning, it may have already won. First time author Akarsh brings us a fun, short piece making the case that the battle is already over, we are simply waiting for the dust to settle.

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