Read_551 – I Tried Hacking Bitcoin, and I Failed [Dan Kaminsky]

“By all extant metrics in security system review, this system should have failed instantaneously, at every possible layer. 
And, to be fair, it has failed at other layers – BitCoin thefts have occurred, in the meta-code that surrounds the core technology itself.
But the core technology actually works, and has continued to work, to a degree not everyone predicted. Time to enjoy being wrong. What the heck is going on here?” – Dan Kaminsky

Today we read an excellent blast from the past by legend Dan Kaminsky who saw Bitcoin as an inevitable disaster that he couldn’t wait to tear apart, only to be stopped at every tactic he used by code that “simply knew better.” We lost Dan this past year from complications due to diabetes, and it’s sad to lose such a major contributor to the security of the internet. RIP Dan, your contributions won’t be forgotten.

I Tried Hacking Bitcoin And I Failed:

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