Read_550 – Bitcoin’s Energy Use isn’t a Problem, Here’s Why [Lyn Alden]

“And it’s easier to sensa­tion­alize things for pageviews or polit­ical gain. For example, it’s commonly said that the Bitcoin network uses more energy than some countries. That’s true, but then so does Google, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, the cruise industry, Christmas lights, house­hold drying machines, private jets, the zinc industry, and basically any other sizable platform or industry. From that list, Bitcoin’s energy usage is the closest to that of the cruise indus­try’s energy usage, but bitcoins are used by more people, and the network scales far better.” – Lyn Alden

Today we read an amazing and comprehensive view of the entire argument around Bitcoin and energy with all of the fallacies and misunderstandings. Is Bitcoin’s energy use really a problem? Find out!

Check out the full article with tons of extra to help visualize the arguments and explore further at the Swan Bitcoin blog:

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