Read_547 – Scaling Lightning: To El Zonte… and Beyond! [Roy Sheinfeld]

“Many tellings of El Salvador’s story have largely overlooked and understated the role of the Lightning Network. But make no mistake: any country could have adopted bitcoin five or eight years ago. The base layer hasn’t changed much. The new ingredient, the innovation that has made this possible and is opening up all kinds of possibilities for the future, is Lightning.” – Roy Sheinfeld

Today we dive back into Lightning in another excellent article from Breez Tech founder Roy Sheinfeld exploring how Lightning has brought us to today, and how to scale it to the entire world. Even though it’s often thought of as a part of the background regarding the recent El Salvador announcement, to the contrary, it’s truly at the center of everything that is happening. With a major shout out to Michael Peterson from Bitcoin beach and the Lightning proof of concept, we read Roy’s excellent article, “Scaling Lightning: To El Zonte… And Beyond!”

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