Read_541 – A Treatise on Altcoins [Andrew Poelstra]

“Of course, “developing your own cryptosystem” is the purview of only cranks and researchers, so it was reasonably assumed that none of these “altcoins”, as they were called, could ever be plausibly presented for public use.
Boy, were we ever wrong on that one” – Andrew Poelstra

How did we find ourselves in an environment where people copy/paste “crypto tokens” on a daily basis, and foundational cryptographic infrastructure is tossed around like casino chips? Prior to the days of Bitcoin, no one would have ever taken such projects seriously, but enter the ability to make money off fools and everything changes. Dont miss an incredible piece from Bitcoin developer Andrew Poelstra atempting to break down the major flaws and failures of philosophy on the entirety of what is know today as “altcoins.”

A Treatise on Altcoins:

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