Read_538 – Fighting Monetary Colonialism with Open Source Code [Alex Gladstein]

“Monetary repression continues to be hidden, and not spoken of in polite circles. The reality today for the 182 million people living in CFA nations is that while they may be politically independent in name, their economies and money are still under colonial rule, and foreign powers still abuse and prolong that relationship to squeeze and exploit as much value from their societies and geographies as possible.” – Alex Gladstein

Another tour de force from Gladstein, this time breaking down the dirty details of the oppressive CFA monetary regime used, much like the petrodollar, to control and consume resources from foreign nations into French coffers. A common story in monetary systems, it’s used as a tool for power, privilege, & political control. Hear the stories on the ground of those who saw this colonialism, and how they hope to stop it. Another from the irreplaceable publication of BitcoinMagazine. 👏🏻

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