Read_520 – The Last Days of Satoshi [Pete Rizzo]

“To be sure, by the waning days of 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto was still acknowledged for inventing Bitcoin, and was respected for growing the world’s first decentralized digital currency into a $1 million market. But as frustrations with his authority and availability built, it became all too common for users to decry Satoshi the admin[X], Satoshi the bottleneck[X], Satoshi the dictator[X].” – Pete Rizzo

Dont miss another incredible journey through Bitcoin’s history by Pete Rizzo, in honor of the anniversary of Satoshi’s disappearance in just a few days. What did people think of Satoshi, what really happened in the transition from Satoshi to Gavin, and what critical moments in Bitcoin history, may have led to the disappearance of its mysterious creator?  A must read/listen.

Check out the full article and incredible list of citations for further digging at below:

A huge thanks to Bitcoin Magazine for their always amazing content!
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