Read_518 – Two Taproot Activation Clients! [Aaron Van Wirdum]

“discussion about Taproot activation turned out to be a long and sometimes heated debate. Now, it has resulted in two different Taproot activation paths, embedded in two main software clients that could in some scenarios even become incompatible with one another.” – Aaron Van Wirdum

With a short introduction to taproot and all the mess around the True/False activation dilemma, we cover another great piece from Aaron Van Wirdum at BitcoinMagazine breaking down why we have 2 different clients, what the conflict is exactly and what it might mean for Bitcoin over the next year.

Check out the full article below, with lots of links to other works and source for further digging:
For the previous episode discussing the True/False dilemma in detail, here is Aaron’s previous article covering the debate:

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A huge thank you to Bitcoin Magazine for always being such a reliable and fascinating source of news and thought in this space! They and the LTBnetwork are an unmatched resource. 👏🏻

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