Read_517 – Len Sassaman & Satoshi, A Cypherpunk History [Evan h]

“Embedded on every single node of the Bitcoin network is an obituary. Hacked into the transaction data, it’s a memorial to Len Sassaman, a man essentially immortalized in the blockchain itself. A fitting tribute in more ways than one.’ – Evan h

In the never ending search for Satoshi, there is the opportunity to find the unsung heroes of the cypherpunks. those who are lesser known, but made a monumental impact on the cypherpunk movement and helped in laying the critical pieces that made Bitcoin possible. Who was Len Sassaman? Is there evidence that he could have been the man behind the Satoshi pseudonym? And why did we lose him so early?

All this in more in this amazing piece from Evan h:
Len Sassaman and Satoshi: A Cypherpunk History

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