Read_514 – The Responsibility of Adopting Bitcoin [DerGigi]

“The whole idea of Bitcoin is to remove intermediaries from the equation. Trusted third parties are security holes, and unless we want to repeat past mistakes, it is our collective responsibility to eliminate these security holes wherever and whenever we can.” DerGigi

Bitcoin changes us in ways that are hard to articulate. It’s a level of personal responsibility, when you make that journey to the great depths of the rabbit hole, that is hard to understand without making the journey yourself. Responsibility isn’t merely something that could lead to more freedom, it’s axiomatic to freedom & sovereignty itself. It’s impossible to have the latter, without conquering the former.

Don’t miss today’s brief but excellent read from DerGigi, on the nature of responsibility and what it means in Bitcoin!

The Responsibility of Adopting Bitcoin:

The first step is to start stacking, take responsibility of your savings and your future Swan Bitcoin (
The second step is to take responsibility of your keys, you own your coins, they aren’t someone else’s IOU BitBox02 (
The final step is to run your own node, and define what Bitcoin is for yourself.

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