Read_508 – Sovereignism Part 1 – Digital Creative Destruction [Robert Breedlove]

“To state it plainly: Bitcoin is a momen­tous monetary innova­tion enabling a new mode of non-nation-state human organi­za­tion, a “purified” form of capitalism free of nation-state inter­fer­ence and deserving of its own neolo­gism. Let us call the new mode of socioe­co­nomic organi­za­tion enabled by encrypted digital money sover­eignism.” – Robert Breedlove

Today we start an amazing series by Breedlove based on the thesis proposed by the Sovereign Individual. Could the new dynamic brought about by the existence of Bitcoin, potentially destroy the economic cost/reward reality of centralized, violent nation states? And what does such a potentiality mean for the future?

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Sovereignism Part 1 – Digital Creative Destruction

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