Read_500 – Decentralization, Why Dumb Networks are Better [Andreas Antonopolous]

The Internet’s protocol (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol, or TCP/IP) doesn’t offer “services.” It doesn’t make decisions about content. It doesn’t distinguish between photos and text, video and audio. It doesn’t have a list of approved applications. It doesn’t even distinguish between client and server, user and host, or individual versus corporation. Every IP address is an equal peer.” – Andreas M. Antonopolous

Today we hit a great and classic essay by Andreas on the amazing that hits on a key way to think about decentralized network, and a critical part of why they will innovate orders of magnitude more quickly than their centralized counterparts. The difference between “smart” networks and “dumb” networks, and why the dumb will also conquer. Bitcoin is the internet of money, and on read #500, hear Andreas explain why.

Check out the original article at the link below:

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