Read_489 – The Cantillon Effect 2.0 – Bitcoin is the First Truly Fair Money [CK_snarks & Deniz Saat]

“Because of Nakamoto’s deliberate actions and Bitcoin’s permissionless, free & open-source nature, bitcoin is the first truly neutral money. Bitcoin eliminates the inherent unfairness that comes with all previous monies as well as any need to trust a third party in order to use Bitcoin.” – CK & Deniz Saat

The inherent problem with our monetary system is a systemic & inescapable unfairness. Bitcoin is provably, the fairest money that has ever existed. If you actually believe in equality, that everyone should play by the same rules, then there is no defensibility of our current money. For justice & equality, Bitcoin isn’t just a better option, its the only option.

Today’s amazing read from Christian Keroles & Deniz Saat, another amazing Bitcoin Magazine piece:
“The Cantillon Effect 2.0 – Bitcoin is the World’s First Truly Fair Money”

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