Read_482 – The Stone Ridge Letter [Ross Stevens]

“Perhaps just in time, each U.S. citizen now has a choice. You can stay on the Fiat Standard, in which some people get to produce unlimited new units of money for free, just not you. Or opt in to the Bitcoin Standard, in which no one gets to do that, including you. With the option, now, of a monetary system governed by rules instead of rulers, on behalf of myself, my family, and the firms I’m responsible for leading, I’ve made my choice.” – Ross L. Stevens

After about 100 requests to get it done and 2 days of recording, it’s here. The Stone Ridge 2020 Shareholder Letter, that is a brilliantly thorough yet succinct breakdown of the value case for Bitcoin and how it fits into our highly volatile political and financial environments. Looking back on 2020 and what it may tell us about the years ahead.

Check out the original posted by Michael Saylor on the Microstrategy website below:

Also great, which I listened to just before recording this piece, is the “What is water” speech by David Foster Wallace. Its a must listen:

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