Read_461 – When Bitcoin Melts The System, Prosperity Steps In [Thibaud Marechal]

“The logical construct behind the dissection of today’s evils is actually very simple: money is broken; fix the money, fix the world.” – Thibaud Marechal

The systemic imbalances of our monetary system are far deeper than most realize. It is the very foundation of our consumerist culture, its the course of our bloated, corrupt financial industry, it props up the impossible size of the advertising giants and surveillance capitalism, it creates a monetary premium on goods that should be valued by their productive capacity or actual use, & it betrays the very people who need money most to be a stable, wealth preserving tool. Fix the Money; Fix the world. Another brilliant article at and by returning author Thibaud Marechal on the poisonous consequences of a broken money system.

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