Read_460 – The Hard Forks that Didn’t Dilute Bitcoin [Nic Carter]

“If any of these forks had meaningfully gained ground relative to Bitcoin, the critics would have had a point. What’s the point of a monetary network which is undergoing a constant state of fragmentation?” – Nic Carter

Another great article from Nic and this one is right in line with the second episode of Shitcoin Insider, also now available for a deep dive into the sad state of Bitcoin forks! They said it would dilute Bitcoin, they claimed it would prove Bitcoin was, in fact, not scarce, but as infinite as any digital database that can be replicated over and over again. But what came of the forks? Did they really dilute the value and core attributes of the Bitocin network? Nic lays it all out in another excellent article at Don’t miss it!

Check out the original to find Nic’s other works and numerous great graphics and charts to illustrate his argument:

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