Read_452 – How Will Bitcoin Lead to More Freedom [Jim Epstein]

“It had a big impact on May, who melded the “Other Plane” with “Galt’s Gulch” from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, which was a safe haven for rational and productive people protected from government coercion and taxation by an invisible shield. Instead of the Colorado mountains, May’s cyberspace Galt’s Gulch would exist on the internet, with cryptography providing protective cover.” – Jim Epstein

The argument between the “blockchain technology” and the “Bitcoin anarchists” happens to be a lot older than most know. Whether this is a technology that’s outside the system, built to replace it, or one that is supposed to work within the system to make it faster and cheaper, can be traced all the way back to a debate between Eric Salin and crypto-anarchist Timothy C. May. What can the origins of the cypherpunk movement tell us about teh direction of Bitcoin today? Hear this amazing piece from Jim Epstein at Reason Magazine to find out!

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