Read_450 – Getting Lightning Ready for Global Takeover [Roy Sheinfeld]

Breez wallet makes some major announcements today with their first release candidate of the wallet into the wild. Bringing the dream of a fully non-custodial, user-friendly, super easy to use Lightning wallet for anyone coming into Bitcoin. So many new features to go over in this one and talking about the future of lightning and how we can close the UX hurdle. This is not to be missed. Follow Roy Sheinfeld and Breez on Twitter so you dont miss future announcements!

Check out the official announcement here, and of course download and start playing with the Breez Lightning wallet if you haven’t yet!
(for those who wanted to get the details on closing and reopening your channels –’s-channels%3F)

Learn more about the Hodl HTLCs discussed in the commentary at the link below:

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